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14 March, 2016

Happy Pi Day! Albert Einstein turns 137 years old today and it is 13 years since my mothers energy was peacefully transferred 


I like to wonder if there could be a particular purpose for the human being and if it is up to human beings to imagine what that is? Maybe we haven’t managed to do that yet? One thing feels certain - every single one of us will be needed for it 

It must be something big and necessary


(Wedding Reception at Maleny Manor on 12/3)

March 17th quote: "We had to learn how to make mirrors precise to atomic dimensions and able to reflect light with unsurpassed perfection" Physicist, David Blair, G-Wave detection

18/3 curled up in my apartment in Japan, tumbling down the rabbit hole and barreled into Yayoi Kasuma



Sleepy holiday, Saturday 19/3 and I just hit my head on this:

"A breathtaking piece of visual philosophy to complement Carroll's timeless vision, Kusama's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is the latest affirmation of what appears to be the season of exceptionally beautiful books" - Maria Popova, The Atlantic

Friday March 25th Hotel Room Sunset, Gunma, Japan

moved to tears

Thursday March 31st, Newborn Baby Spirit Breath x 2