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09 February, 2016


While you’re watching me, I know what I see

An elegant waltz across the floor of Euler’s Identity

Heart hot as fire, feet cold as ice

Growth is plus, debt is minus

Cometh the Mozart of Math, a hint how to spin

Nature is capped sportier with a better fit

Can’t grow forward then backward, we’re learnin’ in turns

You can never leave the circle, so it’s your turn to learn


Let’s get dizzy

Grab hold of someone, dip differently

Swoosh me on the slide, take me perpendicularly

Let’s get dizzy

“As the crow flies” these angles of elation

Connective surprise, equality in rotation


It only takes five, constants across these continents

Sounds like a long way to hold complicated while we're bending it

So some shoot straight and strong, the rocket and the bullet

The end won’t be long with this back and forth rhetoric

Everything worth big is majestic and round

The little white elephant still plays without a sound

“Excuse me Leonhard, could you please point to infinity?

I want to dance with her around the definitive"


If you’re watching me, watching you

We’ve got the 360 view

Prime-d up in unique via the lightning link

High and alone busy making a home


... so let’s get dizzy x 


“Euler’s identity is the greatest feat of mathematics because it merges in one beautiful relation all the most important numbers of mathematics. But that’s still a huge understatement, as it conceals a deep connection between vastly different areas that Euler’s identity indicates. Above all else, Euler’s mystical identity is a clever insight into the perfection of the unit circle, by combining complex and diverse subfields of mathematics! In fact, the countless properties of this perfect unit circle are the reasons why Euler’s identity has become essential in many applications.” - Lê Nguyên Hoang

(Scrunchy Face Confession - I’m not sure I completely understand Euler’s identity but I’m trying because it looks like what I’d love to see)