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01 September, 2015

September 1st

The sky has showcased all shades of grey and all falls of rain for days. An afternoon storm passed over and I found myself walking towards an open door

Slowly and graciously I entered, feeling and seeing love and beauty from every direction possible, a kind I've never encountered before on earth. I listened to Songbird by Eva Cassidy like she was singing it to the Universe and all the precious energy that makes it spin and move

September 3rd

We arrived in Takaoka (Toyama Prefecture) today to resume league games on the weekend. I tuned into the hotel magazine before visiting another supermarket in Japan's unique cosmic chain - there was the "Universe Supermarket" in Mizusawa and today they give us 'Infinity Supermarket". They're old but definitely onto something. 


September 4th

A picture of rice fields opposite the softball stadium. The Japanese believe God is in every grain of rice so they apply a generous amount of chopstick patience to eat every grain in their bowl. Alternatively, it could be called the graininess of God? Which guides me towards "The God of Small Things", Arundhati Roy, the place where the music started five years ago and elegantly, circles. 


September 5th

The Great Buddha of Takaoka 

Fight for Love and you will find your soul. Millions and millions and millions of invisible miles have been covered so far

Hundreds of crows going absolutely nuts outside my hotel room window at dusk. All the Birds, Singing.

A Sunday September 6th muddy 5-1 win

12/9 Just checking up on each other

Monday 14th 

A STRANGE MIX - A harried rush hour train lost its grip on a bend on April 25th, 2005 and pummelled into an apartment block just outside Amagasaki Station. Over the weekend we played games on the same ground where the bodies of 107 victims from the disaster were laid out in the aftermath, Amagasaki Municipal Memorial Park Baseball Stadium. Our team warmed up on Saturday while the 10:30am game was underway. The atmosphere in the stadium was churning with bands playing, athletes competing, crowds cheering and the very eerie screeching of metal wheels crawling along nearby tracks

Thursday 17th: Hanamaki, Northern Japan

Light inspires Art (hotel foyer today) and maybe Art inspires Light (bus window today)?


1985 Art Theme: "Hikari no Shou Uchu" meaning "Microcosm of Light". Lying on my bed in room #911 next to a steep hill of strong, green trees and dreaming



plus a little friend who wouldn't leave

divided by a rare attempt at a selfie pic in softball uniform

=  a fun attempt at a selfie pic out of softball uniform



Sunday 27th THE SIGN MAKER


Dear Sign Maker, rearranging the world, throwing yourself out in the open, mixing with the murk

For every clue we picked up on, how many have we missed and for how long? 

A timely toil of song and soil allied the need to sow a saving seed 

The plough of pain our watered scars prove the thorn protects the petal now

“Hello my little petal!” an Irish endearment received then grieved 

 “Hello sunshine!” one Mothers go-to greet 

Oh Sign Maker, as subtle as a Lhasa Apso and exact as math

Your diversity danced us to unity down a garden path

 So is it time to put a plan to peace, experience the joy of action and relief? 

There is a forward arrow you want us to follow 

There is a Universe with but one message imbedded

“Walk through my door with your creative love force 

and I will deliver you a dynamic balance”

"OPEN ARMS" - 30th September Sunrise, Palm Cove, Far North Queensland