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30 June, 2015

Because of Love, life’s increasing sensitivity to smaller things like information and the bit demands presence and acute awareness of what is absorbed, what comes out and how anything can interact and connect beyond belief. High Alert Living minus the bullshit. An attempt to share this mental health condition with cousin Sarah gobbled up a big chunk of a June 20th Saturday, providing sweet relief to a wide web of consciousness. Sweet relief to one was mystification to the other and Sarah’s words “I can tell you now, most people don’t think and see like that?” presented a thread of excitement and a thread of caution to this imagined Matrix of Love and Magic.  


Days later in Tamworth, alertness fuelled a gruelling climb to the top of Flagstaff Mountain where a power surge of emotion was experienced at the foot of a symbolic tower of communication and connection. Nothing moves while everything is moving and this is a tough anomaly to comprehend except when the body is out of breath and fighting to recover. Possibly the strangest anomaly of all is the minds ability to slow down and think clearly when the body is under extreme physical stress. Clarity, like that's the name of a real person, steps in with a safety switch and rolls out the big picture.


High Alert Living seems to free up old experiences and turn something you’ve seen a hundred times into something you’ve never seen before. Tamworth is a country town familiar to millions of Australians but how many know it as the “First City of Lights”, where in 1888 electric lights lined streets for the first time in Australian History? High Alert Living where education can land in your lap anywhere, even in a Chemotherapy Clinic where the horse teamed up with the golden bell again and you discover One Tree Hill is a Park up the road and the ‘Cross of Light’ is located at Tamworth Lookout where your legs have burned like two logs on fire numerous times while running up to reach its panoramic view. Once you are aware of the ‘Cross of Light’ surely you’d go to sit by its side, especially if your belief is Energy. A chance nexus of Spirit. 


This afternoon the legs were transported up by a car, the big white cross located with a pair of feet and in the company of a big black bird, the sun settled into the hills to the west and the moon sailed up over the trees to the east and for the first time in your life you feel the freedom of being absolutely no-one at all amidst a magnificent World born anew.