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18 March, 2015



So it was the way it had always been, a ferocious battle between Darkness and Light. One starts to grow as the other arrives and they are both annihilated on site. The model of Energy, bound by symmetry, needed to be saved from itself. Feeling its potential (if it escaped hell), Energy returned to Nature for help. 

“Darkness wins when it is destroyed, so this is not the best way. Via decay, turn it upside down into another form and Light will be here to stay.”

Utilizing all of its parts from the big to the infinitesimal invisible, Energy went to work. Doing something its never done before, out of the blue an imbalance did occur and Light miraculously won the war. Energy wobbled all over the place, nervously waiting for Darkness to take it all away yet there was none to be found. Meanwhile, Light dazzled a victory dance filling every corner of the sky with heavenly hope, colour and chance. 

Energy devoted its existence to the process of fusion... where it gives a lot to make just a little. Leaving the little to Nature who inherently understands how to build it into something big, beautiful and healthy.



"Aurora Australis"

(Dedicated today to Fibonacci 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21)

MARCH 19th, Thursday morning breakfast view