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07 February, 2015




When my mother was a little girl her grandmother would ask her to look at the clouds in the sky and tell her what she could see. This is a photo of the sunset at Softball in Brisbane yesterday, Feb 10th. I would like to have sat in on this conversation between the two of them







 "The dandelion has more intelligence than most humans."  A puffball explosion of clarity.

 Happy Valentines Day! 


FEB 25th: (corrected text 3/5) I read the Da Vinci Code in 2003 and on completion, I failed to grasp the essence of Fibonacci and agreed it was a great novel but just that. I later buckled under pressure and read Angels and Demons. The mention of CERN and anti-matter in the early pages confused me, accelerating my reading rate to 'not-comprehending-anything' speed until it passed. A few years later (maybe 08', 09'?), I purchased a magazine and ONLY because Meryl Streep was on the cover and I wanted to read anything Meryl had to say. So much has happened I can't be sure which year or what magazine? Near Meryl Streep was a short 1/4 page article on CERN, mention of matter, anti-matter and the tiny, tiny particles that constitute our Universe. It must have been an emotional combination. From that point on, I have been devoted to understanding the workings of nature and how it moves together with such strength and elegance. 

Moments have histories. Some moments fail to travel and fizzle out, some produce big, destructive bombs while other rare moments produce big, creative bangs. This rare moment from the 2015 Oscars is filled with all the strength and elegance the Universe could ask us for and you can feel its history:


"Spread the word across the land

May it travel slowly, draw it in your hand

Share it by firelight or by the riverside

Paint it on ancient rock and never let it die

We can never let her die"

Thanks to Fukuda-san, the Toyota Automobile Softball Team Manager, for this Bandel Balance & Force necklace last week in Sydney