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05 January, 2015

5/1: Heading into the West this week. Far west, where the sun sinks into the ocean every evening. I'll feed on softball, time with friends and fine Margaret River wine and then feed on old family stories, philosophy and laughter with my Great Aunt who lives on a farm. A fortuitous offering and I'm famished. I'll keep one eye on the WA gum trees for leaves of gold (for next month) and the other looking out for the Big Red Kangaroo I bumped into 30 years ago while exploring the bush on my own. It is the biggest kangaroo I have ever seen, atleast 6ft or just enough for me to look up to anyway. The "thud, thud" sound of its huge feet simultaneously hitting the earth with incredible power and grace stopped me frozen in my bush tracks. A heart racing experience.

As the sun sets in the Australian West and a day ends, it rises in the U.S and a day begins. An elegant wavelength of nature and a dance I want to experience for myself

6/1: "..Highly reactive and very tricky reading". Knocked off feet, lying on back, swallowing the sky

A big 7/1 travel day, afternoon rest and a gentle reminder filled the hotel room.

"Light, Dark and a Sword of Spectrum"

"The rest of the world was black and white
but we were in screaming color" - TS


"The dusk chorus is a subtler affair than the dawn chorus, more chamber ensemble than symphony orchestra"

Dinner 11/1


January 13th was the best day exploring the Margaret River. The best day for surprises. So many and this blog is not big enough. Not unlike scientific discovery either. One curious discovery leads to another and another and another. The day was launched at Vasse Felix Winery and their Art Gallery. At the foot of the door, I bumped into Big Red again. A peaceful Big Red, this time. Inside the door was an exhibition called "Working into the light" - a photographic record of the late Brian McKay's last works commissioned by Central Park in Perth. (Brian McKay and Bevan Honey began working on the commission in March 2013 and it was completed before Brian's death in March 2014). Art, Wine and relationship with time


January 17th, Elephant Hill, WA. My great aunt's neighbourhood

January 19th headed back east and found this in-flight movie...