19 November, 2014


(Winter Illumination 2014 "Niagara Falls", Nobana no Sato, Kuwana City, Japan)


This regular sized life was hurting and not adding up

“Let’s go a billion times smaller and hang with the really big stuff”

The world I knew began to shift and change shape

Instant explorer over limitless landscape

Extremely busy at this level of living

Highly reactive and very tricky reading

A space where weak finds the strength to rule

Magic makes you stumble and stick in dreamers glue

The smaller I reached, gold lost its bling

A truth uncovered, light alters everything

And the river I waded across 

Now jostles and punches

And the air I softly swallowed

Microscopically crunches


Welcome to Art in Wonderland

It’s impossible to stay in one place

Its clever, its quick, the spark to ignite

Unpredictable yet exact, tune in to surprise

Oh all ye rough riders beware, its made a mighty mess of some

Baby days are bellowing out “Brave new world to come!”

Art in Wonderland, forget what you think you know

Art in Wonderland, how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?


There are special friends I protect and keep

Exchanging stories and ideas yet imagined 

“Always move forward” whispers out of each cup

The walls of her house are the doors to her heart

Infinite ways to jump into the ocean

Swim to survive the natural current of creation

Daily distractions call out from every corner

You are your master, choose wise your information

Paint our sky in never before seen wonder

Join in, don't steal or your soul will clap a gut feeling of thunder

Our mind and the Universe are one of the same

Born into a wild surf of miracle waves


Throw yourself out there and I’ll throw something too

Chances might be I'll smash into you

Add a little music, press patience, unconditional repeat

Back it with emotion and faith until we get our tree


Welcome to Art in Wonderland

Learn to love when you’re shattered and broken

Once you enter, try not to fall behind

Immaculate math never leaves your side

Wisdom of opposites where empathy pays

Our brain, breath and blood will tip the scales

Art in Wonderland, powered by pure light and energy

Art in Wonderland, build a world full of love and harmony  


"The miracle of feelings and emotions is when they are strong, intense, patient and true they defy the Arrow of Time."

"THE STARRY NIGHT" - Vincent Van Gogh

"Unexpected Math behind Van Gogh's "Starry Night"... is a symbolic landscape full of movement, energy and light. The quietness of the village contrasts with the swirling energy of the sky."  

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