26 August, 2014




Misty morning, winding road, driving to breakfast on land made rich by rainforest load

We're sleepy, we're quiet allowing forces to guide us

Two sisters united with Spirit to highlight it

Warm food by Winters' fire, cockatoo's screaming fun outside

"A Dandenong Ranges tarot card reading?" my sister suggests on last bite

I choke on mine "Momma said she'd reach us if we tried"

And it suddenly got cooler under my skin.

She thrives in familiar invisibility,

(rolling me into a village, pushing me into a shop, tossing me into a dark room)

...joyfully kneading my reality

I sit, hands on knees on nervous tippy toes

Still gargling a web-footed fairy, occult treasures, the hard gulp of magic potion

It mattered not the shuffle, cut or turn

'Death Cards' would have chased me until their edges burned

"Go with your gut feeling" is all the Witch could say

"I certainly will if I live another day!"

Exactly 7 years on and the Witch was not wrong

7 years of loss and losing has triumphed

7 years of digging, heart break, heart ache and fighting

May just have catapulted me into enlightenment

It feels like Momma did make it back as we share tears every day

A tear for Saint Jude on our quest for Creation

That all things lost, hopeless and broken

Will strengthen with the sun in this vast Ocean of Redemption