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05 June, 2014

I was standing next to this for over an hour before I knew it was there (Nozomi Shinkansen, Tokyo-Kyoto on Monday Night)

Reading somewhere how quick and varied thoughts stimulate mood, a good place to test it out was travelling on a traain at nearly 300km/hr. I landed the middle seat but love a window so stood up at the car door for most of the trip. The quarter moon appeared to be moving more gracefully than the speedy train. A calming contrast. Exciting trip

We're in Iwate prefecture (Northern Japan) for League Games this week and hanging out in the little town of Mizusawa. It was built in the Post-World War II Economic Boom and not much has advanced since then. That's Japan - untouched, aging Towns and Villages and Super Cities. The town is not far from Sendai where the March 11 Earthquake and Tsunami hit the hardest back in 2011. I remember watching that event on TV in Australia and thought it was a movie. I flew back to Japan Mid-March to accompany the Earth while it rumbled and rolled for weeks and weeks trying to get into a comfortable position again.

Out walking the town this afternoon and I wasn't expecting to see this on the side of a house:


I haven't looked at the Olympic Charter for a few years now but I am fairly sure you just can't throw a set of Olympic Rings up on the side of your house! But they seem to be getting away with a lot in 1950's Mizusawa. They've even made the Universe their Supermarket! 


JUNE 6th

Today was chockers full of love and magic and not everyone can see or feel the same love or magic. I am reminded how "history repeats itself until the problem is fixed'. This even happens at the particle level, which tells me it is a natural driver of evolution - fixing problems. There is a wondrous path outside but there is a problem that needs to be fixed in order to follow it. Flying out of Japan on Monday and leaving this special time and space. Passion & Peace xx

JUNE 9th

MIZUSAWA, the modest country town that seemingly had nothing, poetically held everything


Reality is nothing like we have been conditioned to perceive and Love, purer than silk, shapes and shifts reality while never seeking ownership. The Universe and the Human Brain are the two most powerful machines in existence and lack the ability to view themselves. This is the Power of Love too, I believe. Our World is very, very different to what we think it is and I have no idea where any of this is leading but just keep on walking

(Waiting to board a flight @ Kansai Airport and asking the question "Are we the ones being shaped and shifted?" I'll think about this all night now)