28 May, 2014

Upon landing at Aomori airport last week, we were transferred directly to our hotel via a 45 minute bus ride, only to get changed quickly and hoarded out to the practice field. We get 1 day off a week and there was no way a plane flight was going to give us a sneaky 2nd days rest. I was last off the bus with eyes transfixed on two symbols mounted on a wooden beam outside my window and as far away from Softball as I have ever been.


I witnessed the same symbol on the side of a sacred horse at the Futaarayama Shrine last weekend, 560km's away in Utsunomiya. 

After hours of research (the locals didn’t have much to offer up), the symbol is the MITSU TOMOE and is a symbol of three-ness in Shinto Religion. It is believed to represent the play of forces in Shinto cosmology between Earth, Heaven and Humankind. It consists of three interlocked flames within a circle (Fire Wheel) and relates to yin and yang due to the interdependency of the three parts. (Originally, it was associated with a Shinto War Deity, Hachiman, whose symbolic animal and messenger was the Dove.) It is a common symbol adorning Shinto Shrines in Japan and was used by many Samurai Clans too. Over a century ago, the symbol was selected by certain families as their official crest. Which may explain why the symbol was found only on beams in our particular block of the city. Perhaps It was the location of an old castle or housing residence and the mitsu tomoe was their choice of symbol? 

I’m just regurgitating facts that aren’t mine at the moment. The fun type of facts that rile a wild sense of awe and wonder. I looked deeper into the Shinto Religion, Nature and the sense of three-ness in their world view and it is expressed in many ways. (This took me back to March 31st and our visit to Ise-Jingu Shrine and the Sun Goddess of Shinto Religion, Amaterasu-Omikami)


It’s not so much the content here but the interaction of it all EG: Symbolism, Imagination can never be far from the Real World. It highlights relationship and the environment of relationships and how each part is mutually interdependent on each other. One cannot exist without the other in a yin-yang or mitsu-tomoe power cycle.

I feel like I can throw in a bit of Richard Feynman here too:

...and despite everything, I'm back to where we started with an Absolute LOVE of Relationship.

It’s just about time to take all this Spin and Movement (and my very sore, old softball feet) on a Holiday! Freshen up, slow down, buy a new pair of eye-glasses and chill for a while! I feel like I have been concentrating for 5 months straight and loving every minute of it.

MAY 31st, Kanagawa


(A priceless view which re-directed my attention to an old blog post "Road Trip" on Jan 17th 2013)