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19 May, 2014

Sport and Music Collide

I woke up last Friday morning with a schedule that afforded 1 hour to watch an Indigo Girls on-line concert before our pre-game practice session. It had been a while since I’d experienced the IG’s live. Internet streaming made me feel like I was front row, apologetically perched up on a strangers lap but unrepentantly happy to be close enough to see far into the performance itself. I spent the next 2 days and nights contemplating just that - Human Performance, Music and Sport.



Our Softball League Games this weekend were in Utsunomiya, about 1 hour North of Tokyo, in Tochigi Prefecture. Tochigi means ‘Horse Chestnut’ in Japanese so there are beautiful Horse Chestnut Trees lining city streets. A Saturday afternoon walk led me along a quaint river, exploring back lanes, avant-garde shops, local people and finally to a steep set of stairs and the entrance to Futaarayama Shrine. Each step, stop, turn and rest collected images and experiences to be utilized in my imagination workshop. A favourite hobby.




Upon entering the Shrine, there was a beautiful creature standing strong, still and quiet in the corner of the compound and I wondered what it was doing in these parts? A closer view showed it was doing exactly what I was doing. 




From what I can assemble (a subjective observation within a specific frequency range, no doubt), powerful deliveries are more than just outstanding performance, which pure talent alone can produce. Powerful deliveries are layered with emotion, talent, character and spirit and perfectly packaged in context. It could be as simple and mysterious as the right time, the right place in the right amount and the IG's nailed it in their concert, yet again. If we sit around measuring and planning such deliveries, we’d scramble all the best instinctive and true parts of ourselves. 


It’s good to know performer’s like the IG’s are a rare and protected species because you can’t make cheap copies in China, you can’t recreate, you can’t speed it up or slow it down. I can only hope my softball career was full of powerful deliveries and that this intensity, intention and context continues with how I Live and how I Love.



5:15pm Monday 19th

Women in Music, Women in Sport - we're all fighting the same battle. When we speak of Human Spirit, Strength and Love, the greatest weakness and imbalance of the Human Race is gender bias. This article crossed 'my desk' this afternoon...