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04 May, 2014


I love this new release by Bec laughton today 'M & R'':

MAY 10th

"THE SOUL NEEDS NEW CHALLENGES". There's been ache all week trying to see it, touch it, taste it, smell it but it's something that can't be forced or manufactured. Patiently I observed and waited but more than anything, I needed to MOVE. A timely trip to Shikoku Island for League Games in Matsuyama City. There was a quiet chance to visit Matsuyama-Jo yesterday afternoon and spend some time walking in the sunshine. I stepped out of the Hotel and noticed there was construction across the street:



Matsuyama-Jo was a 5 min walk down the road... I came across this little run-around guy in the Palace grounds. Cute Wheels. The surrounding park is lavish green and vast but I was struck harder by the Antenna Towers and the emotion that followed. So Mysterious and Powerful. The visible and the invisible.


We lost our game today 11-2 so I had better get my head back into balls, strikes and coaching again. When I don't get a chance to do this... the nature, the deep feelings, the connections... I could just waste away. Another shot at a game tomorrow! 

A photo of a shop I passed on my return walk to the Hotel


When my Mother walked the Earth with us, many years ago now, we had two Doves that would frequent our backyard. "They're here again Melanie!" Mum would shout out and I would run down the hallway to view them. Mum would whisper it's 'this spirit' or 'that spirit' visiting, whomever stirred her at that moment. Then the day arrived where I had to listen to her say "I will come back as a Dove too." So now I feel her in all kinds of birds and I know she's not alone. It's a late post due to a Softball Game (we won today 3-1) and a long Bus Trip but I have been moved by it all day, Happy Mother's Day

I took this photo of a bird while sitting on a bench in the park. The rest of the photo's were accidently taken as I walked off but I kinda like them.


If trees could talk

"Spread the word across the land, may it travel slowly, draw it in your hand. Share it by firelight or by the riverside, paint it on ancient rock and never let it die. We can never let her die."

MAY 14th

A rare phenomenon in the sky over practice mid-morning, a rainbow, tilted on its side, acting out a halo. There is no photo because I was at work with a glove on my hand and fielding balls. I have a poem though.

ONCE ONLY by Gary Snyder, March 1958

almost at the equator

almost at the equinox

exactly at midnight

from a ship

the full 


in the centre of the sky

MAY 15th

Last night I had the cinema to myself watching this movie