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06 February, 2014


The 6th: 

Leaving a Brisbane 30C yesterday morning to enter a Kyoto 4C last night was manageable. Once I hopped out of the car and looked into the night sky to see snowflakes falling gently on my face, again, the thought of not one of them being identical fascinated the chill out of my bones, inspiring uniqueness and Love. How does nature do it? The hope is we keep spinning and moving like we do and one day find out... 

Music: "I'm Right Here" - Walter Mitty Original Score. I'd load it up if I could. Working on it


The 7th:

Instantly I happily morph so to immerse myself into a different way of life which adores order and routine. This contrast in existence flattened me out on the floor while showering tonight with a chain of thoughts. Imagination is randomness, Imagination is chaos. It then takes even more imagination to recognize the organized patterns and uniform spread this ‘crazy’ movement produces.  I am reminded how Nature abhors a gradient and works feverishly to restore equilibrium. The Original Workaholic.. It understands chaos better than we understand the natural intelligence of imagination. When I awoke this morning I never dreamed I’d end up on the shower floor adoring and abhorring life tonight. I am looking forward to falling asleep just to wake again.


The 10th:

A surprise visit from an old team mate 'pimped-up' my day. Way back in Softball years, we were "Samurai Twins" in peak condition in the middle of competition with our own language. Sport is so intense and emotional, friendships are forged into landmarks. All you have to do is visit them again. I took up the offer for a ride in her car this evening and I could tell it was going to be a treat by the slick black exterior paint and flashy wheels. This matched her black & gold 'Champion' tracksuit and black & gold rappers cap. Standing shorter than me, she is strong and thick like a mini baobab with the personality to walk in it. I hop in and it's nothing like I'd imagine from her, until the engine starts. 'Doof Doof' music bounces off the windows, my forehead and my chest... fluorescent blue lights flash all over the console while I take a quick peak in her rearview mirror only to watch a 'Pit Bull' music video. Speechless I point and she laughs "I'm a truck driver and only need side mirrors!" She drives a 4 tonne truck and wants to go bigger. She tells me she is happy, very happy because "Simple is Best!" Our 'simples' are no doubt different so I wholeheartedly agree. I failed to look at the floor upon entering the car, I didn't have to with my leather sports seat positioned so far back, I could stretch my legs out and not touch a thing. The conversation grew so energetic I was sitting on the edge of the seat at one stage which created a chance to look down. I noticed a mat there with the writing "GO! WITH MOON" I read it out loud to her and she enthusiastically explained "Ah, this is like hot-rod!" I could see the car was the apple-of-her-eye and felt it "Metcha Kakoi Dayo!" I clapped. (That's very cool!) She then described how her car (named 'Tiffany') is a "Lowrider" and that she has 2 sub-woofers under her seat. I was fully into it "Not 1 but 2!!!" and clapped some more. Another button on the console was pressed to impress and the fluoro lights started bouncing off the upholstery, the sunroof and my eyeballs.  I was starting to feel very cool myself. "Sometimes I like to play Enka (Japanese Traditional Music), people look at my car, hear the music and think I am crazy!" I laugh and say "You are crazy! You are orginal!" She keeps one hand on the wheel, one hand on her leg and replies sincerely "Thank you." Paradoxically, she prides herself as "Safety Driver" and it turned out to be the most careful cruise of my life. (I did notice her bumper sticker that invited cars to overtake please). Finally, we arrive back to my apartment pumped & pimped-up from spending time together and I leave her while a Robin Thicke video of "Blurred Lines" plays in her rearview mirror. She drives away with us both singing the only lines a 40 & 43 year old know "Hey, Hey, Hey!"

PS This lady played 2nd base and could fly through the air like Superman to take a catch! 20 years playing in the Japanese Pro League and I think it is a League record? Like I said, built like baobab, inside and out.


The 14th: 

Imagine a tree with Gold in its leaves. Then take a trip to Western Australia and you’ll find what you’re looking for and you can pick one to offer up for Valentine’s Day. Gold in living tissue was discovered in a WA Gum Tree on October 23, 2013.  The tap roots go in search of water deep in the ground (30-50m down) where gold deposits exist and extract the gold particles with the water, which then settle in the bark and move to the extremities, the leaves.  


To the Eucalyptus Tree, Gold is a toxin it is trying to get rid of.












Image borrowed from Paulo Coelho


To Humans, it’s the most valuable journey of your life. There is more Gold at the Core than anywhere else and it takes Love to find it.





The 15th:

Yesterday, I was asked to have a meeting with a Company Boss. Due to the heirarchical structure here in Japan, you don't see them too often and the meetings are very formal. Towards the end he said something random but beautiful. With hand on his heart he asked me "Please give your Sunshine to us." This is NOT Japanese Business or 'Butcho' language, taking the room by joyful surprise. He called me "Sunshine Girl."


And today I know why.





The 17th:


Provocative question - "to keep passion at bay or surrendering blindly to it - which of these two attitudes is less destructive?" Monday morning sleep in, a good coffee and a fresh head, I’ll take a swing at it. 


Fact, even at absolute zero there is still energy and movement. Nothing stops. As cold as we get at times, we’re still moving, whether we like it or not. Devine Design. Passion is emotional movement. Awareness of spectrums and respecting ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ can curb the Euphoria and the Depression. Each of us can test our range on the passion spectrum based on what we can cope with and still evolve. That is, moving forward when we win and we lose. Whether the question is which is less destructive or how intensely can we live while evolving, I don't know? The Universe is expanding, the clock is ticking, entropy is chomping away and it’s all in one direction - the arrow of time and that’s forward.  My take - I want to make it as far forward as I can too, in the limited time I have. 


Motivation - with all the variation in people, personalities, snowflakes, flora and fauna, in my imagination, the likelihood of another planet identical to Earth in our Universe is low. There might be, there may be something better. It serves me best to believe there isn’t. It makes my time on Earth highly intimate and passion is the one force that makes me capable of honoring the Divine Forward Movement of Creation. 


I knew there had to be a very good purpose for Emotion.



The 23rd:

A day off tomorrow so no rush to get to bed tonight. I haven't watched the Da Vinci Code in years but thought I'd watch it again tonight for fun. It's turning out to be more than funenlightened


The 26th:

It has been a long, slow walk through the last few days trying to take everything in and conprehend it all. Nothing is more clearer however than love and deep gratitude. I love Japan


The 28th:







This was the first LP I ever listened to when I was young, really young. Perhaps from 9 or 10? I can't recall exactly. I played it so much I knew every word to every song.