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11 December, 2011


Fresh coffee Sunday Morning as a heavy Brisbane heat rises after a comfortably cool week. There are two handsomely clad puppies at my feet with two obvious objections 1. Me still calling them puppies after 10 years 2. Their ‘to-die-for’ Lhasa Apso Coats. They are huffing, puffing and pleading with me to be naked and old. I assure them, my secret desire is to be equally at ease with that prospect too.

We are familiar with Floods in Australia, especially in 2011. “An afterflow of an expanse of something” I am told. There is also Flood of Emotion and Flood of Thought, both of which I have succumbed to this morning. It was not of my own design but rather a random burst of feminine fractals from some invisible well or source.

The first wall of thought and emotion to hit arrived while reading an Internet News Release on my iPhone. It was announced last October and Awarded on Saturday, 10th December in Oslo – the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize to 3 African Women who have fought injustice, corruption, dictatorship and sexual violence in Liberia and Yemen. The 3 women were Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Liberian President), Leymah Gbowee (Yemeni Womens Rights Campaigner) and Tawakkul Karman (Liberian Female Icon of Womens Rights). 

The next wall to hit came in the form of song on the drive home from the newsagency, “Yoke” by the Indigo Girls. With its carefully carved out lyrics by Amy Ray and the “hauntingly urgent” string arrangement from violinist Luke Bulla, the beauty and strength of the 3 African Women resonated through me like sacred drumming.

There is an emotion or a movement, a pull or push deep within women, void of distraction, where they just know what is best for everyone.

Whether a Flood of Thought or a developing production, I was picked up and swept away by this Sunday Morning mini-movement. My newspaper opened up to “Kylie Lang on Sunday” and her article on women, “Ageing a State of Mind”. The article was a fun read that covered women and our perceptions on what is beautiful with ageing. “What I find inspiring is the beauty of ageing that comes through an active mind, good grace and a generous helping of positive thinking” writes Lang. This commentary pointed my attention to a dusty book on my shelf that I purchased a few years ago in a quaint, seaside bookstore in White Rock, BC, Canada… “Wise Women: A Celebration of their Insights, Courage and Beauty”, by Joyce Tenneson. The book is a celebration through portrait and interview of the power and beauty of women aged 60-101 years of age. My endeared favourite was Clara Holm, aged 101, her angelic photograph and wisdom:

“A sage knows there is both the wisdom of the Universe and of man – and finds a balance between the two.”

As I softly flicked through the pages of this precious book, it became even more evident to me that as Women grow older, we should love them more than we ever have.

So the production comes to a close with Clara’s Wisdom. It is here I thank the 3 African Female 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winners, the Indigo Girls, Kylie Lang, Joyce Tenneson, and of course Clara. I feel like we have been sitting around the table on my back deck together and maybe, such a magical place does exist. Surely with all our emotions, empathies and movements, we are capable of constructing invisible, interconnecting safe havens where we can assemble together at any time and in any place.

A storm is cracking across the South East Queensland sky as this journal on Dec 11th, 2011 draws its curtain. A great opportunity to jump into my runners, hit the pavement along the banks of the Brisbane River and keep this heart pounding and hungry.

"Women have unique talents and emotional lives that have been neglected for centuries"  - Edward O.Wilson