14 June, 2012


Beautiful Movement is this weather around me, the ocean before me and all the emotion swirling about within me. Why would I ever want to stand still?



I am by the sea in the Northern Coastal Town of Byron Bay in New South Wales and in the middle of a collision. A low-pressure system in the Coral Sea to the North is deepening and extending down to combine with a ridge pushed up from a high-pressure system over Tasmania to the South. The collision of these two weather systems is producing strong wind gusts, heavy downpours and treacherous surf. I figure, if I inject my Emotional System into this wild mix, I can’t possibly cause any more havoc. Despite weather warnings of dangerous conditions, it feels safe where I am.

And so I look out and marvel at the power of Nature’s movement. All I see is Pure Energy - the capacity to do work. Again I ask why I would ever want to stand still? Even though at times I do get stuck and most recently, my ‘stuck’ button jammed, ensuring the same helplessness and pain will be experienced moment after moment until I deep burn into our precious fabric of life and scar it. Paying close attention to the lesson whipping around outside my window, this evening I wobble, shuffle a little, I move again. I know from the course of hundreds upon hundreds of softball games, movement with compounding forces builds game defining momentum. It can be as subtle as glacial change or as sequential as a set of Fibonacci Numbers - little things moving together long enough to produce spectacular events. A Disaster or a Triumph.

Taking time to reflect on spectacular events like the Space Shuttle Discovery Disaster, the Collapse of Enron, the Egyptian Revolution, Support for Same-Sex Marriage around the World, the 2011 Queensland Flood Disaster and the end of Apartheid in South Africa, it really is the little things that add up, eventually. And if we really think about it, there are lots of examples throughout the course of our own life too, if we care to do the math.

Consider a culture like Japan where there aren’t too many human-made disasters. Their attention to the little things is extraordinary and to a large extent, necessary. In a country with such a small land size and approximately 130 million people dwelling on it, one tiny error or act of neglect can trigger a trail of disruption. Little things are extremely important to the Japanese. Something I’ve only fully comprehended since I stopped playing softball over there.

All this talk of little things moving together with compounding forces, I remember how a momentum shift was always the most dangerous or advantageous event in a Softball Game. If I’m bold enough to introduce a Physics equation into my journal, I’d choose F=ma (Force = mass x acceleration). If Force is the influence on a system in order to change it and if I may also propose that our physical actions, thoughts and emotions constitute ‘team mass’? Acceleration of course, is the increase of speed. Hopefully, it’s simple to calculate how to create a compounding force in a softball game and create your own momentum shift and inversely, how to contain a momentum shift. I believe the key components of ‘team mass’ are thoughts and emotions and if they’re managed effectively, that’s when coaches should be paid the big bucks! To get good at recognizing a shift or generating one is to truly understand the various movements and forces at play which so far is only a gift that Nature has mastered by Divine Design. Our amazing brain puts us at the top of the list for Intelligent Creatures, surely we can give it a shot. Physics isn’t just for Scientists. Physics is for everyone. It’s happening all around us – every thought, every action, and every emotion. It’s in the weather, it’s in the ocean, it’s in your work place, in your softball team, your game, in your relationships and it is in you.

I’ve never really understood the collision between Religion and Science? I only feel they both need each other as I need them both tonight to inspire the Faith and energy to wobble, just a little. One little wobble to get me moving, a bigger shuffle to build momentum and when I’m braver, a giant leap to persist towards a spectacular event. Preferably a Triumph! Now I reckon that sounds like a lot more fun than standing still.