22 July, 2012


For this particular Journal, I could well be sitting in the middle of a City like Tokyo with a population the size of Australia, but rather I am in Yukon Territory, just North of Whitehorse, alone in the Wilderness.

There is a cabin for sleep and shelter, a handmade quilt wrapped around my legs, a bucket of Blueberries to entertain my fingers and appetite, snow covered mountains in the distance for my eyes, a pot of Green Ginger Tea for clarity, a small bird on a Birch branch for music and a cold breeze. The Breeze seems to wear boots up here in the far North. Beyond the tree line ahead of me, I hear its pounding approach. Louder through the trees, it marches right on past me with rolling indifference as if en route for reinforcement in Siberia. I feel like a leaf.

That’s all I can take in at the moment though. What I’m here for is to see what I can bring out.

I have recently attended the Wedding ceremony of one of my close friends Tracey to her girlfrend Candice in Banff, Canada. After a magnificent day of ceremony and celebration, I wished for the Australian Government and Church leaders to be in attendance. To witness such levels of happiness, respect, support and as for love… it was bouncing off the sides of the surrounding mountains. On that day, now and forever, I cannot conceive how a human being, government or institution can deny another human being this comfort, love and security? To be Leaders and Decision Makers of anything, it is first and foremost imperative to understand how creation and life interact and work together. An undeniable fact is the splendid entity of Spectrum. The Spectrum of Light, Spectrum of Colour and Sound, the Spectrum of Belief, Spectrum of Physical Traits, Culture, Personality, Emotion and yes, the Spectrum of Sexuality. Lucky nature respects and nurtures its overlapping and interconnected constituents and their Spectrums of Existence. You just can’t fight the Physics of it, but you can choose to stay in the dark, hiding from it. So here is a very special thankyou to Alberta, Canada.

As a gift for Tracey and Candice, I organized for a Classical Pianist to play along while I released my new song “Elegant Love” out across the Canadian Rockies. I’m still not entirely comfortable with performing while people stare at you. Sport was easier. I wasn’t concerned with who was watching and who wasn’t, so during the first verse, I carried a left leg shake that would make Elvis turn his head. Especially in my Silver Heels. I settled in by the chorus and just about melted at the Piano accompaniment performed by Christine Han.

However, the most empowering feeling throughout this magical day was the undoubted support offered by both families and friends, regardless of Church and Political Law. One by One, slowly, because this is how the structure of love spins and moves, something is going to be left behind and it won’t be humanity.

On a lighter note, I looked up through this journal for pause and ponder and became startled by a sudden big, brown dot on my landscape. In leaps and bounds and a beanie, I crossed the meadow for a panicked, more accurate view. Bear or Horse? Phew. Horse. I’m out here by myself, brave but still a little edgy.

You do get moved to tears in these parts. You breathe and get a sense that you’re never really alone. Oh the valence power of pure emotion. Pour some over a thought and it becomes tangible, real somehow. So look out, you could be with me and you don’t even know it!