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02 August, 2012


Such a strange way to feel? Visiting West Hollywood and choosing for a time to view it alone from the large windows of my hotel room rather than outside moving amongst it all. I am deeply inspired by little things but I can’t help but take a big view on life here. There is an inescapable vibe in the air, everywhere you go and everywhere you look. The relentless pursuit of money and insatiable consumption. Indeed, it is a stark contrast, the Wilderness in Yukon Territory and Life in LA, and perhaps I should give myself more time. A story stirs.

There is a bar in Whitehorse, the 98 Hotel. I was warned “The 98 Hotel is probably the worst bar in Canada, don’t go in there!” Numerous times actually “Stay away from that place!” “It’s a scary spot that 98 Hotel!” So I walked in. I met a man from Mali, Africa and walked out with the gift his mother gave him before he left for his new life in Canada. “Sasi, I give you Magic because Magic lasts forever. If I give you Money, Money runs out.” With no intention to offend, I just can’t help feel they need a little less Money around these parts and a little more Magic. So I have decided to dedicate this journal to Magic.

I have been moving around this beautiful planet for almost a month and before the journey ends and I return to the Winter Warmth of my Little Cottage Down Under, I’ll steer this journal to the place where it all started. A Book of Math.

I was packing my suitcase with a dilemma brewing. A Yukon Summer with average mean temperature of 14.1 C (57 F) and a Californian Summer with average mean temperature of 23.5 C (74F). A difference of 9.4 C is many millimetres of clothing! More important to me than clothing however are my numerous notebooks and study notes that I take most places I go. The kilograms were accumulating quickly. I considered my most favoured Book of Math at the moment and knew I would have lots of time on my trip to dig into ideas that were keeping me awake at night. But she is a magnificent, heavy book. If it were a movie scene you’d see me reach for her, hesitate, head tilt, shaky calculation, pull back, move on out the door, pause on the front porch, turn around with a careful re-calculation and the closing scene where I sprint back in to secure the book with two strong hands, placing her gently into my carry-on luggage like a delicate brick. I know I need her in my construction plans.

Whenever I fly internationally, occasionally I’ll watch a movie but I prefer to watch documentaries. On this particular flight, I could not believe my sleep deprived, puffy eyes when I was introduced to a BBC doco called “The Code”. A program that attempts to uncover the underlying mathematical code of beauty, elegance, accuracy and harmony in the World, our Universe and the Life we know. I had no idea what I would find in my Book of Math but was drawn to it for all the complex patterns, numbers and millions of interactions and forces at work in life and creation and how they are all connected. I learned about the Intelligent Nautilus, Radio Waves, the Concrete Symphony of a Cathedral; Music with its Frequency Peaks and Harmonious Ratios (which is why humans love it so much!); Pi (π) and the Ancient Stone Circles in the UK and how it helps us understand variation in the natural world; the Life Cycle’s of Cicada’s in Alabama and Georgia. Extraordinary connections!

When I disembarked my plane in LAX I felt convinced that Love, as we know it, has deep Structure. It is Mathematical, it is patient, it is harmonious, it is individual building blocks (from atoms to prime numbers to little, simple things), it is faster and slower, bigger and smaller than we have evolved to comprehend so far. I also could see clearer than ever before what the Structure of Love most certainly is not.

So as I sat in my hotel room, ringside seat to the boxing match between Money and Magic, it was clear who was delivering the biggest blows (without any contact), and who was turning black and blue.

I left that Hotel room the next day. I flew out of LA and landed in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There was a profound Structure of Love there I had to witness for myself. The Indigo Girls performing with a Symphony. If this journal is hard to grasp or understand, your quickest lesson on Magic and the Structure of Love could well be to attend an Indigo Girls Symphony Concert

And carry this piece of Malian Wisdom in your wallet “Money runs out, Magic lasts forever.”

I return to Australia today for cuddles with my Puppies. I’ll sit on the front porch every day and watch their little world go by with them. I call it “Yard Duty” and I require Archie and Jasper to do at least 2 hours of it each evening to earn their meal. Well that’s how the bargain began, until they used their own subtle dose of Lhasa Apso Magic on me and now get fed first!