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05 September, 2012


The only good ‘burning the candle at both ends’ ever brought me was a box of sad tissues and a couple of days wrapped up in blankets from the couch to the sun bed in my backyard and that’s precisely what I’ve got out of it this time round too. “Ridiculous expectations Wonder Woman” I chastise myself. Playfully, there are only 2 Wonder Woman’s in my world – Lynda Carter and myself. I depleted my ‘Wonder’ supplies this past week and while it pains me to imagine Lynda reigning supreme, I must focus and remain diligent through my restoration process. “What is a source of power for me?” I dig deep.

The Middle of Australia is a mighty, barren chunk of red earth. From the window of an airplane, it is flat and forever. You have a ‘magnitudinal’ meltdown, strain your brain and contemplate whether you really know your country at all. It really is that big. Then the plane banks left for landing and you are stunned out of your seat at your first sight of ULURU. Ayres Rock. It really is that Red. It really is that Beautiful. I have been there four times and each time is as life changing as the first. It felt like I received an invitation to return for a fifth visit via moonbeam last night. Those Full Moon rays of light shot right through me and triggered off a series of Red Rock Reflections. Of course, it is my Power Source!

At 284 mm a year, compared to 1200 mm a year in Sydney, rain is rare out there. It was my third visit and I was reading in my hotel room when I heard the heavy Applause of Thunder as a Desert Downpour burst into the Outback Arena. Now, that is a sight not to be missed! Rain on the Rock. I exploded into pieces out of my chair like human-shrapnel and lodged perfectly into the shape of a sports bra, a pair of running shorts and joggers. It really was that quick. I took off out of the Resort and hit the red ochre sand paths like Lynda Carter in pursuit of Evil. This chunk of earth is flat from the air but when you are 5’6” from the ground, you notice its rolling, hilly texture and I wasn’t going to see the entire Rock until I reached a vantage point. Two legs churning across the Aussie Desert in a storm isn’t exercise, it’s a neurochemical cocktail, delicious and addictive. As quickly as the Downpour entered the Arena, delivering its impromptu performance, the Downpour departed, leaving me breathless and proud of my vantage point. Water was still dripping down my body but on the Rock, it accumulated into a dozen raging waterfalls. Whitewash on Ancient Red Sandstone, paralysing and sacred.

The Aussie Outback’s permanent resident, Miss Blistering Heat-Sunshine, determined not to be outdone by the transient, Mr Desert Downpour, fired up her own storm of photon bullets to romance me on my trek back to the Resort. No cap, no water, skin exposed, no sunscreen and weakened by the energy dump after my adrenaline spike… it was a long, hard, hot slog home. Wonder Woman lost her ‘Wonder’ again and could have done with her invisible jet by that stage.

I must concede that LC does a better job at that Super Hero stuff than I do. I always seem to go too hard and blow out. Secretly, I have been eyeing-off her Lasso of Truth though and could have fun tossing it out and ‘roping’ a few of my friends and family!

Each time I return to ULURU, I never get what I want, only that which it thinks I need. And that is exactly why I will always, always return. For we only ever get to see a fraction of its true size with most of its bulk and wisdom lying underground. I’ll just have to dig deeper. Or apply a more graceful approach? Want for nothing, quietly observe, admire and grow in its company, like the very first time I ever saw it.

In honour of my Moonbeam Invitation, I’ll take a tangent joy ride. Upon this passing Full Moon, I entertained the idea of speaking of our time on earth in Full Moons, rather than years. I put myself at 517 Full Moons. So a story might shape up: “Where were you on your 500th Full Moon?” Or on my 512th Full Moon, it was a warm evening and I was stargazing from my backyard. I kinda like it. Plants a seed for that much needed sentiment and the sweet friction of reflection slows you down. I’m curious to see what patterns emerge also?

For now in suburbia, night is falling and like a robust Red Kangaroo, the Flu grows more active in the dark. This journal may well be one of the most random ones I’ve written and it’s not because I’m doped up or down on any medication. Lots of people say to ‘take this, take that’ but I like to let things run their course naturally if I can. My favourite reply is “Women for Centuries didn’t have drugs…” but the other end of that stick is, I’m not allowed to complain then. Fair enough. I like sticks, spectrums, polarities and the conservation of energy (my WW is in the middle of a lesson on them!) – pick up one end, you have to pick up the other and embrace both. Pleasure and Pain. Blessing and a Curse. Love and Loss. But that of course, could be a whole new journal…

Slightly re-energized now, just this once, I’m going to sign off as “Wonder Woman” and I hope LC gets a whiff of this written adventure xx