12 September, 2012


The middle of winter, a penguine-cold morning, a hot chocolate-warm bed, Elejandra opens one eye, then the other and throws her pillow over her head. “Do I really have to get up now?” Rolling over to look at the sunshine shooting through the trees, in through her window and onto her sleepy cheeks, Ele closes one eye, than the other and decides “I’m going to lie in bed and think about my dreams last night.” In the room next door, Sophie’s eyes open wide, and she hops up like a rabbit with a hungry sigh. Facing her window, the sunlight tickles her cold nose but she can’t believe what’s in her backyard so her eyes don’t close. In the tall pine trees, on the long, spiky leaves, she sees juicy drops of dew and hundreds of Fairies.

Pink fairies, blue fairies, orange and more, flapping their wings softly in a Fairy Festival. “Ellie, we’ve got fairies!” shouts Sophie.

Sliding into her slippers, Sophie releases her trigger and races in to wake up her sister. “Get out of bed Ele! Look!!” Clearly this was no joke so it doesn’t take Ele long to fill with a flurry and explode “Dreams Do Come True!!!”

Fairies flying fast in a rainbow coloured flash and they both get a fright by a tiny tap on the glass. It was the prettiest Purple Fairy they had ever seen, waving her sparkly wand at the others frolicking in the tree. First to come over was the Red Fairy, the Blue, Green and Yellow. The rest followed swiftly, just to say hello. Some were giggling, some looked tired, the Blue one looked clumsy and the Red Fairy looked shy. But they all came together happily in the shape of a giant smile...

In one quick movement, they blasted off like little Fairy Rockets. Sophie made a secret wish for one to land in her pocket. Darting and diving, they were very hard to follow with more tricky moves than a clever baby swallow. The dogs started to bark, the clothesline started to spin, the cats ran for cover as the magic set in.

“I knew I would see them one day”, whispered Ele. Not one day went by where she didn’t hope with all her heart and wish. Not once did she imagine they never could exist. Every fairy she ever saw in a book put butterflies in her tummy and she kept this secret to herself in case her friends thought it funny. And now, in the backyard of her house, Ele was watching Fairies with her sister Sophie, at last. Dreams this big, take a long time to reach, but anything is possible if you learn to Believe. Imagination is the secret, for anyone who wants to try. Ele knows now, its what made her Fairies Fly!

Sophie heard footsteps, Mummy or Daddy up the stairs? “Someone’s coming!” she said, with a nervous jump in the air. “It’s time to wave goodbye Sophie, quickly before they arrive” The Pretty Purple Fairy waved her wand in reply and the last thing they saw was a giant Fairy Love Heart in the sky. Just as mummy set foot into Ele’s room, in a puff of rainbow smoke, the Fairies disappeared from view.