08 November, 2012


I've never been a woman to trigger a head turn for my luscious looks. Except when I squeeze into a pair of fluorescent pink spandex. I become instantly interesting. It’s as innocent as an insect flying through the night and reacting to a bright light. It is the sweet lure of Illumination. If you look long enough I may give you a little wiggle or a jig but generally, I’m on some imaginatory (like now, is that even a word?) plane of existence and don’t see things as we’ve been conditioned to see them. I hope to have a very persuasive explanation for this…

Right now, I hold a vision of the Great Commander Hannibal leading his army across the Pyrenees as I reflect, inversely, on the Army of Beloved Realist who have tried to guide me through the high’s and low’s of life. I have listened intently, returned to you all time and time again, thanked you heavily but this journal is hard evidence that your guidance, not from lack of trying, is struggling to strike a chord in me.

I am a mad dreamer, visionary, optimist, eager revolutionary and many other personal descriptions that are perhaps easy to laugh off, dismiss, roll an eye at or raise an eyebrow to. The way I like to view our world requires patience, subtlety, a romantic grasp on the millions upon billions upon trillions of interactions and connections at work, efficiency and economy (free of excesses) and sparkling exactitude. I may not have too many believers currently, but I have one very big backer – Mother Nature by Divine Design. Indigenous Populations have been studying ‘relationship’ since antiquity. I’m not doing anything new or revolutionary. I’m just trying to catch up.

I recall something I wrote in an earlier journal “Hunter Gatherer in the Gym” in March 2012 “Exercise and Creativity are one of my most enduring relationships, where one induces the other.” This also emulates electromagnetic induction, which relates to one of the 4 fundamental interactions in Nature, the Electromagnetic Force. I’m in the middle of a Big Hunt - to chase and capture those beautiful things in life that are mutually inducive. The Big Hunt will promisingly lead me towards a place called Perpetual Flow. A place where things in life like love, empathy, passion, comfortability, dreams, trust, friendship, marriage flow uninterrupted and forever. You can see why I need an imagination.

Japan taught me the Power of Observation and now I’m happy to rug up, sit back and watch a snail marathon. So it is with solid runs on the board that I feel well equipped to make a brave statement – Reality as we have built it will not achieve Perpetual Flow. If I opt for Reality, I accept all the recycled obstacles and distractions that thread friction through our lives. And I can’t do that. I can’t accept the repetitive behavioural patterns that arise out of insecurity, jealousy, fear, doubt, greed, abuse of power and elitism. The patterns that mess up relationships, mess up politics, mess up business and are messing up humanity and our environment. If I accept Reality I learn to live with these obstructions. And I don’t want to do that?

Many a dark, lonely hour has been spent attending to my own distractions so the good stuff in me can flow freely. Whether I am ‘perpetual’ yet, I doubt it but I am a lot better off then I was. And I believe a lot of people are inspired and driven to build a better world, better political systems, better business, better communities, better families, better relationships but the only place to start, is to build a better ‘Self’.

It was 4-5 years ago now when I experienced a magnificent collision with Nature, and therefore, Science. Contrary to familiar thinking that a collision is usually an accident and therefore destructive, scientifically, collisions are rare events known as interaction points that produce forward motion in both directions. This is exciting and inspirational to me. I walk around trying to collide with people. But it takes the passion of two for such an event to take place.

For as long as I can remember, and thanks to my Grandmother, I have marvelled at the beauty and wonder around us and finally became driven to understand how it all worked so elegantly and accurately. When Scientists realized the power that lies within an atom over 70 years ago, they used this knowledge to build Nuclear Bombs and turn creation on itself? Ever since then that knowledge has fueled our technological revolution. I looked at the same thing and became madly inspired to improve human interactions and relationships. Humanity needs to catch up to Technology. Thoughts and Emotions are the least understood and don’t fit neatly into a Classical Physics framework. But are our Thoughts and Emotions one of the great shapers of Reality, in the same ilk as Gravity?

A big call indeed? I believe it is worth a small seed. Reality as it stands is not making a better world EG: War still exists, even with its long, destructive track record. Fusion Energy Powers the Universe but it seems Fission Energy has played a big role throughout Human History. One is about bringing things together (Fusion) and releases 3-4 times more energy than the one responsible for splitting things apart (Fission). If I had a chance to start a new Universe and had a choice, I know which one I would choose.

So I will continue to use my Imagination to Rescue my Reality. If I inspire just 1 more person to do the same, then we are on our way. To learn, interpret, imagine and establish powerful metaphor will serve as testament to our interconnected existence.

If you do like my fluoro pink spandex for their high degree of illumination then you will also be inspired by Fusion, ‘high energy collisions’ and their subsequent luminosity – like the type I had with Nature and Science. The more of these we get, more events will take place and the more potential we create to evolve and construct a brand new world. And if we were to ever achieve Perpetual Flow, look out Humanity!

I was under the stars last night in the middle of the Australian Outback sharing food, wine & conversation with people from all over the World. In the quiet and coolness of the Desert, a story was shared about a Sage and her students. The Question posed was “When does the Night end and Dawn begins?” One student said “That’s easy, when the sun rises over the horizon”. “That’s a good answer” replied the Sage. “But not quite.” Another student spoke up “When the sun rays hit the leaves on the trees.” The Sage nodded her head favourably, liking what she heard, but it was not the answer she was looking for. “That moment takes place when Two Travellers from opposite sides of the World meet and share a meal and drink together.”

All we need is a little imagination. Breaking habits is never a quick process so I understand I need Reality. I’ll just use it until the day arrives when I am free of it. A bit like these Pink Spandex and growing older!