28 December, 2012


Aurelius has Two Strong Hands.

“Your hands and how you use them son, that’s the telling mark of a man.” Looking out at his wife tending to their garden, Aurelius felt his Father alive in him again.

Among many lessons he had learned, the one taught the most was how to be the opposite of everything you were gifted with at birth. To be the gift you are is the easiest of paths and the path commonly travelled. To be a gift to someone else is much trickier.

Aurelius had natural strength, mind and body and he did all he could to maximize these innate traits. He was taught he needed to secure who he naturally was in order to be brave enough to practice what was unnatural, uncomfortable. Someone else’s path.

To be gentle and helpful with his wife, his children and his animals encouraged them to feel safe, freeing them all up to grow in Spirit together. They all had a better chance of meeting in the middle and living extraordinary lives together. He had seen it often around his friends. The strong remained strong and the meek remained weak. Hence there was no real relationship at all. Only conditioned behaviors and survival patterns that turned repetitive until addictive. He could find no use for these tools of construction. He wanted to build all kinds of things but he first needed to respect and understand them all too. Relationships were no different to car engines to computers to the four seasons in nature, so he observed all of them.

He discovered there was magic in counterposition. The Sun and the Moon. Summer and Winter. Autumn and Spring. It was evident all through nature. A burst of laughter through an outpour of tears. One of his favorite bands, U2, inspired a soft smile on his face as he walked this earth with his wife “I’ll give you everything that you want, except the thing that you want. You are the first one of your kind.” It was a powerful tool for emotions too. Counterposition kept everything spinning and moving together in some secret Code of Passion. A Passion that shaped his world.

One summer when he was 15 years of age, his Father took him for a walk along the beach with a long stick. He always carried a stick and a story. The stick served Aurelius well, keeping him on his feet as he jumped over rocks and battled the incoming tidal attack. In a safe location and a pause in their adventure, his Father stood against the cliff face and took hold of the stick. It was time for the story.

He began by drawing a plus and minus sign in the sand. Aurelius loved Math so he dug his toes in deep to stay stable and attentive. “Simple Math Aurelius, but I’ll show you another way to use it. “

He drew 2 - (-1) = ? in the sand and asked Aurelius the answer? “Well that’s easy Papa, two minuses make a plus, that’s 3.” Tapping his stick in the sand, he squeezed his lips together in a half smile and Aurelius knew his Father wanted more. There was always more. The extended silence snapped when his father spoke in urgency. “If I am positive and strong”... tapping the number 2 , “...and you are fearful or weak” now tapping -1, “...and I help you to overcome it all, taking fear away from you”, tapping the minus sign, “then we become more, son.” He completes the equation, writing 3 in the sand.

He then changed the Math slightly and made 2 + (-1), prodding Aurelius for a new answer. This time he doesn’t think in numbers and after some thought, he gave it a shot “If you are positive and strong...” pointing at 2 again, “...but I am negative, scared or weak...”, pointing at -1, “...and if you add to my weakness with anger or frustration”, pointing towards the plus sign “... we both become less. The answer is 1.”

Without hesitation and confident his son is catching on, he quickly draws -2-1 = ? Aurelius is showered in new perspective and proposes “If you are angry or mean and I am timid or nasty in return, our loss is compounded. The answer is -3!”

Concern fell down his Father’s face like a stage curtain as he sketched 2-1 in the sand. “If Math is ever ugly, it is in this sum, Aurelius. Taking something positive and strong out of someone, putting them down and intentionally making them less. You both become less.” It was erased quickly and replaced with 2 + 1 and they both nodded their head 3 times . Positives binding together to make more, to make a nucleus. “This is known as the Strong Force son and it lies at the core of Creation.”

The sunset on the horizon demanded their attention now and breathing out towards the incoming ocean breeze, a knowingness settled between them. “The Math of Life that we all must learn to love and live by, Aurelius, is not just numbers.”

Aurelius had grown to understand and apply the Wisdom of Opposites in his daily life. The Two Strong Hands that he used to fix machinery, construct buildings, play baseball, cook up a BBQ were the same Two Strong Hands Aurelius learned to orchestrate affection and fun for his family and friends. The same Strong Hands that he used in the gym to fine tune his muscles were the same Hands he used to wipe his wife’s tears. But nowhere more did he find his rippled forearms and Strong Hands more needed than in that moment when he held his wife intimately close. To trace the curvature of her tender, womanly body and secure them both in embrace with a soft kiss was more purpose than his Two Hands felt worthy to receive.

Walking down now towards the garden, he wrapped his Hands gently around his dogs’ fluffy, loyal face and squeezed him with gratitude. He took off in a game of chase with his daughter until they both rolled upon the grass giggling together in ridiculousness. Then, Aurelius finally approached his wife. She was hot and sweaty with a fresh swipe of garden-bed across her pink cheek and hair ‘fly aways’ that really looked like they were going places. He reached out to her with Two Strong Hands, sliding them around her back, guiding her in closer so they both could feel the spark, ignition and Divine Direction of a life where the Math adds up. Her arms wrapped around his big shoulders with every ounce of boldness and strength she could muster, taking him higher than he could ever take himself , where he whispered “It just works, my Love.”

This Math is not just applied to the strength of his Hands, but the total sum of all his strengths and weaknesses. The key is to understand what is positive and life giving , what is negative and life taking and get this simple Human Math right.

It’s no surprise that we need each other to work it all out, for we just can’t do it alone.