24 January, 2013


A cool road trip home to Brisbane led to a plane flight back to Sydney. Mystical Life and its cycles of birth, death and re-birth. Each day I visit Palliative Care, my dear Irish Step Father in bed #6, right next door to bed #5 where my Mother passed away 10 years ago. As the Earth moves quicker around the Sun and slower at its furthest point away from the Sun, we too move quicker when we are closer to life-affecting forces. I've had lots of time to consider this throughtout the week as I watch families come and families go, until it is our turn to leave.

It seems, we act once we have been impacted upon. It sounds a little like one of Newtons Laws of Motion but I'm too tired to get into that now. I could rapid-fire a handful of acute events where people have reacted rabid en-masse to an issue they were otherwise stone still on. It only reiterates to me the Essence of Movement and vitality of being Moved.

There is a lot of precious Movement in Palliative Care. It took me into the community kitchen and shuffled my feet into a corner where a black frame was concealed by a flower-less vase. Inside the frame was something I had never heard of before and judging by its brown stained paper edges, it was probably in the exact same spot 10 years earlier. My huge miss. It was called a Rainbow Ritual and designed to help children from the age of about 3 to cope with loss:

"When a child is ready for sleep, ask them to snuggle down into a comfortable position so that you can wrap them up in a rainbow. You can ask the child to close their eyes so that they can imagine better.

Running your hand lightly over the whole of their body, from the top of their head to the tips of their toes, ask the child to imagine that you’re wrapping them up in a cloud of red - the colour of tomatoes and fire engines.

You can ask the child if they can see the colour - children can always visualise colours.

Next, still running your hand lightly over their body, you ask the child to imagine that you’re wrapping them up in a cloud of orange - the colour of oranges, marigolds and nasturtiums.

Next, you wrap them in a cloud of yellow - the colour of wattle, daffodils and golden warm sunshine on a bright sunny day.

Then the colour green - the colour of spring leaves and new mown grass. All the while running your hand lightly over the body of the child.

Next you wrap the child in the colour of blue - the colour of the clear blue sky on a sun filled day or the colour of the ocean. You can ask the child again if they’re able to see the colours.

Then the colour of Indigo - the colour of the night sky behind the stars.

Then you wrap the child in the colour violet - the colour of little sweet smelling violets peeping out amongst the flowers in the garden.

Finally, place your hand over the child’s heart and get them to visualise as strongly as they can a rainbow that starts in their heart and that comes out through the air and connects with your heart (placing your hand over your heart). Tell the child that this rainbow keeps the two of you connected all through the night."

If this is for children from the age of 3 than it includes me too...