25 April, 2013


It’s a Dark Day, Friday 19th April, 2013. A perfect Autumn Sun sparkles. Do I feel like writing? Not at all. Am I angry? No. Anger accelerates everything. Too easy. Am I sad? No. Sadness has a soaking effect. You’d see it seep into every word, distending my sentences. Is it pain? I know pain and this isn’t it. Good or bad feelings radiate. It is Dark. There is no interaction here only a gravitational pull proving inescapable. Mysteriously, the exotic Dark Matter Astrophysicists are hunting for in the Universe sounds like something I could be experiencing today. Ludicrous thought? My Parallel - I know it’s there, it’s heavy, but what is it exactly?

The Universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate and scientists don’t know why? It’s concerning if you think you’re immortal - you will be ripped apart eventually. What apparently decides the fate of our Universe is the weight of this Dark Matter and how its gravity counterbalances expansion. Our Universe is doomed without it.

I wonder now if my fate is in the balance today...

Do we all need a good dose of Dark Matter to balance our expanding lives? A dark gas cloud? A dim star? An unlit planet? It makes more sense when you wrap it in metaphor. In Dark Matter, there is no interaction with light but it still exists. Scientists just don’t know exactly what ‘it’ is? I'll have a go at my own Dark Matter - an extraordinarily rare place where everything in the spectrum of my emotion meets and mixes. Good existing with bad, positive existing with negative. One effect negates the other to produce a neutral emotional charge. It’s not that I feel nothing rather that I am feeling everything. Which explains this massive weight and why I am struggling to put one foot in front of the other.

Thankfully, its not like matter meeting anti-matter where they both obliterate each other to produce a soul-less void. The good and bad emotions just obliterate each others capacity to interact. This definitely slows things down. The Universe must be eternally grateful for these clumps of Dark Matter keeping it together, possibly wondering how it can manufacture more and steady its expansion? I too must be grateful for this emotional Dark Mass and have faith it will keep me together.

When you’re hell bent on human and emotional evolution, I guess there will be high, intense interactions that equate to speedy growth and expansion. This high rate will produce complex structures and as we have seen with the great civilizations through history (Romans, Mayans, Han Dynasty, Incas etc), when complexity turns negative the most appropriate response for much needed simplification is collapse. So that is the purpose for this massive clump of Emotional Dark Matter present in me today - Collapse, Counterbalance, Simplification. A necessary phenomenon.

I write of the Universe often and I’m determined as steel to live like one, in one way or another, so I need to understand and interpret it the best I can. There is a principle of the Universe called ‘Charge Conservation’ where electric charge cannot be created or destroyed. The net quantity is always conserved. Could it be true that each person on earth has an equivalent net quantity of ‘emotional charge’ ? Just a question. This charge is in a state of dynamic flow with all the appropriate divine laws and principles governing it by tiny twists of fate and circumstance? When I have Dark Mass moments like today and the days ahead, my belief in the Universe, Nature, Humanity, Love and Emotion remains paramount so I will embrace each phenomenon as it takes place.

I recently finished reading “Manuscript Found in Accra” by Paulo Coelho where he writes about centuries old wisdom on courage, solitude, loyalty, loss and love while exploring Divine Law and it is a most beautiful book. The Universe has been in existence far longer than Humanity. We’re all here because it hasn’t experienced the kind of Total Collapse that civilizations, economies, businesses, relationships and even people have experienced so why it has taken us so long to adopt its methods is beyond my comprehension?

A good place to start is to perform a thorough measurement on Humanity’s own version of ‘charge conservation’ and I suspect the answer is sitting there like a big white elephant in the room, flapping its ears in a corner. Humanity is imbalanced and it’s rate of expansion is doomed. In Centuries to come the Human Race will end while the Universe learns how to evolve into a healthy, vibrant, magical state of equilibrium and the Divine Designer may take a moment to look around and wonder where all those beautiful human beings disappeared to and why they didn’t follow?

Perhaps we should teach Divine (Universal and Natural) Law in our kindergartens and schools. Talk about it in our Universities, planes, parks, pubs, cafes and Retirement Villages or Paulo Coelho will have to continue writing more brilliant books like “The Alchemist” and “Manuscript Found in Accra” for another thousand years!

If I’m a good little student of our Universe today, I know this is not Total Collapse, just an Expansion Pit Stop and while I’m here, a moment for prayer...

“Dear Mother Nature, I am a sucker for your sweet subtlety and patience and love the lure of lesson in all of it but for this Dark Mass in my life, I ask for clarity - a big, thick, obvious arrow that reads ‘This Way’. If you have one to spare and can afford it, I will follow.”

PS. I have no idea where that bird is... but I will find it