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24 July, 2013


It is my 529th Full Moon and I’m having a Party. I have just poured myself a glass of Margaret River 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon “Watershed - Awakening”. The heater is on and battling against the cool air flowing in through an open kitchen window. I wanted to let in the Moonlight while I was cooking dinner and now I can’t bring myself to close it. When you have a tear in your eye and look at a light, you can see how it radiates in every direction and there are always one or two that hit you directly. Well, I got zapped and in the middle of the Party I decided I needed to write. I ate my dinner and set myself up with my glass of wine. I don’t usually write when I drink alcohol. Alcohol is a temporary disconnect for me, my ‘off button’ - in a fun way - but this is just my first glass.

There are New things ahead but to move there, I had to take a walk into the past to see where I’ve ended up. Upon completion of the new video film clip “Too Passionate to be Peaceful”, Bob Crudgington - video/tech guru who just so happened to be my Head Coach for the 96’ and 2000 Olympic Games & is still ‘coaching me’ in some ways - suggested I throw a previously listed video back up on YouTube. The one where I’m talking through my last EP “Sum Over Histories”. It was listed over a year ago and removed after a few months. I’m not that cool with listening to or looking at myself and it was designed as an intro and had done it’s job, I felt. Hesitant about re-listing it again, I asked Bob for a review this week. This is where it got exciting for me and I opted to use a snippet of the video for this third July Journal entry tonight. 

In as few words as possible, I can honestly say, after15 months, I experienced more ‘Magical’ moments than what Steven Spielberg could have conjured up himself and I get to live out 1 true Miracle. Nature really does ‘Just Work’ and it ‘Works’ on all things and in everyone.

I have been very fortunate to sit down and converse with Professor’s and Doctor’s and Musician’s and Taxi Driver’s and Teacher’s and Coaches of various discipline’s and I’ll admit it is tough to generate the type of collisions I’m hungry for - the type that catapults both parties forward. Maybe it is my Sporting background and a credibility issue?

Without imagination, It may be unclear how the workings of Nature in a Lightning Bolt are the same effecting your relationship, your team or your department? But it is. It’s hard to see the stress response in a Zebra, pursued by a Lion, running for it’s Life in the African Savannah to be the same stress response found in humans in the work place? But it is. Or to see the Biology of an Ecosystem to be the same workings in a Government, a Culture or a Nation? But it is. New things evolve and I’m moving in that direction willingly and I don’t want to ‘Push the Needle Too Far’ with my informal call to Nature. Call it Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Religion, Mathematics, Politics, Art, Music, Sport, Philosophy, whatever fits your interests. Ultimately, I sense we will all meet under the same roof and that’s where I’d like to leave it.

I hope deep in my heart that one day, we do meet. I would like that to happen while we’re all still walking this Beautiful Earth. A Miracle is always a Miracle.

“We do have from Neuroscience plenty of evidence that suggests that our brains, the structure of our brains and the abilities of our brains, are powerfully shaped by experience.” - Jennifer Raymond, Neuroscientists at Stanford University

(*Trivial Sum: Full Moon #529 = 5 + 2 + 9 = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7. My Full Moon Factor [FMF] for July 2013 is 7. Amd I just made that up. I have no idea as to its significance!)