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21 July, 2013


Scientists have observed there are two main conditions required to create LIFE itself:

HOT and COLD, but they have to exist closely

ACID and ALKALINE, but they have to exist closely

You can only imagine the dynamic interactions that would occur between those extreme states yet ironically, they all have worked together over a long, long time to form something stunningly complex and sophisticated. These conditions drive the processes of LIFE and not surprisingly, none of it takes place without Water. A neat little thought to have next time you guzzle a glass of H2O, jump in the ocean or sing in the shower.

These life-creating extremes are enough evidence to inspire the Rich to exist closely with the Poor. The White population to interact closely with the Black population. Men to work closely with Women. Success to embrace Failure. The Strong to assist the Weak. It would seem Life is not a bunch of separate entities but a very clever mix.

Nature spends its time moving through extremes in cycles of up and down. It abhors a gradient and works hard to restore equilibrium, on so many levels. So next time you feel your day, your week, your year going up and down... Celebrate! You may be in the middle of a magnificent creation.

Be aware of your movement, however. History has proven that when there is a rapid increase in fluctuations between two different states, we are probably heading towards a catastrophic event. (An abrupt example in Nature is an earthquake. They’re big, destructive and usually irreversible.) Before that kicks in though, our only hope of survival will be our ability to change and adapt quickly. Something Enron, the Romans, Mayans and the Financial Crisis of 2007 were incapable of doing. And who knows, maybe even Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston would still be here doing their Magic for us.

There are precise movements in Nature by Divine Design, meticulous summations that we fail to notice, until a major event occurs. To think that anything or anyone is exempt is hard for me to believe. We’re just not trained in performing these natural calculations yet.

So much can be prevented, while so much can be created. It's no wonder we need an imagination.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

- Einstein